Randolph J. Evans

Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Melbourne, Florida




  Randolph Evans is Certified Consulting Meteorologist with over 25 years of experience in various meteorological projects ranging from air pollution dispersion modeling and analysis to forensic meteorology and expert witness. (View Resume) Mr. Evans was certified by the American Meteorological Society in 1991 (#482). He is available to meet your various meteorological consulting needs.  Mr. Evans  is an independant meteorological consultant specializing in providing the following meteorological services:

Consulting Projects

Summary of recent consulting projects:
Conducted analyis of rainfall for a period of days for a case involving the occurrence of rain and its effect on a personal injury. Courtroom testimony led to successful outcome for the School Board.
Conducted analysis of high winds in an insurance dispute between a condominium and an insurance company. Depostions led to a successful settlement for the condominium.
Provided operational weather forecasting to McDonald's convention for insurance due to cancellation of large Disney World events. Forecasting prevented hasty cancellation during the passage of thunderstorms.
Conducted analysis of extreme low temperature events in Florida for Florida Power and Light to support their discussions with the Public Service Commission.
Provided weather observations during outside filming of movie "Altered" for rainfall insurance.

altered disney storm witness

Relationship to ENSCO, Inc.

Mr. Evans is currently a full time employee of ENSCO, Inc.  His independent consulting work is done on a non-interference and no conflict of interest basis with customers, clients, and competitors of  ENSCO with the support of ENSCO management. For customers seeking extensive computing resources or projects requiring considerable manpower or other specialized skills, work can be contracted through ENSCO. ENSCO is a $100-million, approximately 800 person company providing innovative engineering, science, and technology solutions for government and industry. ENSCO has a large meteorological staff as well as scientist and engineers in the fields of software, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, biology, and seismology. Contact Mr. Evans for details.

Projects with ENSCO, Inc.

Mr. Evans has participated in numerous and various projects during his 22-year employment with ENSCO. Many of these are described in the Curriculum Vitae.
Some highlights are:
  • meteorological data analysis
  • air pollution and boundary layer specialization
  • transport and diffusion studies
  • mesoscale modeling
  • software development/validation
  • geographic information systems
  • directed various research, development, and operational projects


    Meteorological and photochemical modeling of ozone and carbon monoxide episodes for the Paso del Norte airshed. Part I: Mesoscale modeling

    GEMS: An airborne system for urban environmental monitoring.

    Estimation of the average surface heat flux over an inhomogeneous terrain from the vertical velocity variance

    Investigation of the Cold Episode of December 1989: Comparison with Other Cold Episodes in Florida

    Delta II Explosion Plume Analysis at Cape Canaveral, FL: Evaluation of Meteorological and Dispersion Modeling System

    Linking a hazardous spills model to a geographic information system (GIS)

    Using The RAMS Mesoscale Model For Meteorological Input Into A Photochemical Model For O3 And CO Episodes For The El Paso, Texas / Juarez, Mexico Region

    The implementation and evaluation of the Emergency Response Dose Assessment System (ERDAS) at Cape Canaveral Air Station/Kennedy Space Center

    Operational implementation and continued evaluation of mesoscale and dispersion modeling system at Cape Canaveral Air Station/Kennedy Space Center 

    Ozone transport in Northern Alaska

    LOMPUFF: A source term and diffusion model for Cape Canaveral Air Force Station/Kennedy Space Center

    Recognition of Pollutant Transport Patterns Using Principal Components

    The Meteorological Monitoring System (MMS)

    The Meteorological Monitoring System (MMS) for Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

    Using mesoscale model data as input to AERMOD

    The structure of the convective planetary boundary layer over urban terrain

    The effects of topographical and gridded density on mesoscale model performance

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